Meet Catherine


Sitting in law school in 2008, I realized I had taken a wrong turn. Although it was intellectually challenging, I was miserable. Doing some intense soul searching and serving up a big piece of humble pie, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion for art. In January of 2009, my small business career began with an online art gallery and private art lessons. I worked other jobs along the way, but hoped one day I could make Old Southern Charm my full-time gig. After becoming a mom, I decided to take the plunge. My first change was to add a variety of art note cards to my online shop. That small shift in 2016 gave me the "ah ha moment" I needed: "What about using my artwork on invitations?" 

The "One-Stop Hospitality Shop" you see today has been the culmination of years of hard work and watching crazy ideas come to life. Each week, I get to collaborate with overwhelmed, over-tired, over-busy clients to ease the hassle of party planning. As the mom of a toddler, I can empathize. There’s no better feeling than being able to hand off your task list! Doing this for my clients + sharing my artwork with a larger audience has been such a fun experience. My favorite part is working directly with clients to learn about their party vision and then seeing pictures from the event where those ideas have come to life! 

Thanks for the learning a little about me. Can't wait to learn more about you and your special event! Please feel free to email me from our Contact Page with questions or just to brainstorm together. I look forward to bringing “modern convenience with a little southern charm” to your planning experience. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Catherine Pressly Herring

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