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A Collection of My Favorite Southern  PEOPLE * PLACES * PRODUCTS 

March 2018: Products: Krewe Sunglasses

Krewe Sunglasses

I am lusting after these southern made sunglasses. They have nothing to do with hospitality, but then again, they’re the kind of sun shades that just make you want to throw a garden party so you can wear them. I think I’m going to have to work on getting a garden after I make my purchase…

February 2018: Places: New Orleans, Louisiana

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I boarded a packed mid-week flight the other day headed to New Orleans. Row after row, the people were packed in like sardines. As I reached the back of the plane, seats began to open up and I saw a mom, her son, and an open seat. Perfect! Mom code, I thought. I’ll go ahead and grab this one and spare the “nonkid” business travelers behind me. As any true southerner would, I ended up finding out their whole story. They were flying in from chilly Boston headed on a weeklong cruise to the Caribbean. My new friend was worried however, because they were stopping in New Orleans for four days with 3 boys (the other 2 having sat in the row behind with their father). “Not to worry”, I said. “Do you have a piece of paper?” Word of mouth suggestions make for the BEST trips. Especially in the South, where the “hole in the walls” often outnumber the fancy spots. So here are the tips I shared in case any of you are headed to NOLA anytime soon too:

SITES: WWII Museum, Aquarium, Jackson Square (+Café du Monde), M.S. Rau (Royal Street Antique Store/Museum), Magazine Street Shops (Start at The Shops at 2011 Magazine)

FOOD: Nice Dinners/Fancy Lunch: Mister B’s, Galatoire’s 33, Domenica @ The Roosevelt Hotel; La Petite Grocery. Casual Lunch: Camellia Grill (Warning: long lines during the weekends), Port of Call Hamburgers and Baked Potatoes, Acme Po-boys, Port Salut Grilled Cheese at The Ritz

HOTELS: The Monteleone, The Ritz Carlton (check for deals online!), The Roosevelt

January 2018: People

What do Julia Roberts, Beyoncé, and Steve Martin have in common? You might be surprised to learn they are all Southerners! I found this article about 53 Southern Celebrities fun and hope you do too. This is a diverse, talented group and you’ll recognize many of them. Curious to find out who else shares southern roots?
Click Here: Celebrities With Southern Roots